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LK Electric
K Electric is a main source in the GTA for emergency electric repair service. We specialize in trouble shooting electrical problems within homes, offices and Commercial spaces as well as providing emergency electrical repairs in Scarborough and the GTA

Specialist in home electrical repairs and emergency electrical services
Upgrade from fuses to breakers
Rewiring / Maintainence / Electrical Repair / Emergency Electric Services
Stove - Dryer Repairs
Same day delivery anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area
Friendly, Reliable, & Professional Emergency Electrical Service
Flourescent Lighting Installation
Free Estimates / Seniors Receive 10% Discount

88 Perivale Crescent, Scarborough, ON M1J 2C3
Emergency Electric Services
Bay Security Services
With over 15years experience across a wide range of industry sectors and with numerous testimonials to our

capabilities, we understand the demands for cost-efficiency and value for money and known as being a reliable and accredited security guard company.

With over 15years experience across a wide range of industry sectors and with numerous testimonials to our capabilities, we understand the demands for cost-efficiency and value for money and known as being a reliable and accredited security guard company. We provide highly trained, security guards and security services for clients in Northwestern Ontario, and recently joined forces with partners in Southern Ontario as well. We provide all of our clients with discreet, trained, and experienced security guard staff who understand the need to be professional. We also provide affordable rates and a diverse range of services in order to offer optimal choices and flexibility.

1 (807) 629-3144
P.o Box 20048 RPO Green Acres Place, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7E 6P2
1 (807) 789-1608
West Country Windows
The company was established in 1977 selling and installing windows,doors,conservatories mainly in the South West. Believing that the best way of controlling quality was to make the product we started manufacturing in the summer of 1978 since which time we have made and installed many thousands of windows and doors and many hundreds of thousands of sealed insulating glass units. We are one of the few companies that has 35 years of experience and is still owned and run by the same people who started it. In fact most of our management team have been with us for over 30 years and our customers benefit from that combined experience. We believe passionately in the importance and the benefits of building the product and the expertise we have acquired over the last three decades. We are respected for providing an after sales service and warranty that actually mean something should you ever need to call on them. Our commitment to quality extends from manufacture to customer service and support. Every customer is guaranteed a personal and professional service. Expert advice is offered on the design of applications which best suit your home and your pocket, and you can be sure of a trouble free installation with the very best in after sales support.

West Country Windows are proud to be serving the South West of England, especially the counties of Somerset, Dorset and Devon for nearly 40 years now and we are massively revamping our product range in line with our great milestone of achievement. When companies in the field have come and gone and new players sprouting up every now and then, we are here to stay, thanks to our dedicated team of staff who have been creating quality products for 4 decades and offering excellent customer service.
We have been manufacturing and supplying vPVC windows, uPVC doors, uPVC Conservatories, bi-fold doors, aluminium doors, timber doors etc. meeting a stringent set of quality standards and guidelines including ISO 9001.
On? ?f th? m??t ??mm?n ?nd ?ff??t?v? h?m? ?m?r?v?m?nt? th?t ??n h?l? ?ut d?wn ?n?rg? b?ll? ?? uPVC w?nd?w? ?nd d??r? fitted. B?l?w ?r? ?u?t thr?? r????n? ?f wh??h th?r? ?r? m?n? m?r? ?? w?ll t? g?t th??? n?w d??r? ?nd w?nd?w? fitted.
??Easy to maintain
uPVC h?? m?n? ?dv?nt?g?? ?v?r th? m?t?r??l? ?urr?ntl? u??d ?n w?nd?w ?nd d??r construction, th??? ?r? t?????ll? w??d ?r ?lum?num, b?th h?v? th??r downsides: r?qu?r?ng r?gul?r maintenance. Wh?th?r ?t ?? polishing, staining, w??th?r-?r??f?ng ?r ?n? ?th?r ?r?t??t?v? m???ur? th??? tw? m?t?r??l? w?ll n??d r?gul?r m??nt?n?n?? ?v?r? f?w months. uPVC ?? a h?rd?n?d ?l??t?? th?t ?t??? th? ??m? ??l?ur ?? th? d?? ?t ?? f?tt?d ?nd r?qu?r?? v?r? l?ttl? ?l??n?ng ?th?r th?n ?n ???????n?l r??n shower.
??They're ???ur?
W??d?n d??r? ?r? ?bv??u?l? m?d? fr?m h??v? woods, ?lth?ugh m?n? ?ld?r w??d?n d??r? ?r? vuln?r?bl? t? br???h?ng w?th a well-placed b??t ?r crowbar.
M?d?rn uPVC d??r? ?r? ?n?r?d?bl? dur?bl? but ?l?? ?r? f?tt?d w?th multi ???nt l??k?ng ???t?m? th?t m?k? th?m n?gh ?n ?m?????bl? t? br??k into. W?nd?w? ?r? similar, w??d?n fr?m?? ??n ??m? ???rt f??rl? ????l? f?r th? d?d???t?d thief. uPVC fr?m?? ?n??? th? b?n?f?t? ?f t?ugh?n?d gl??? ?? w?ll ?? th? ???ur? l??k?ng m??h?n??m? fr?m th? d??r? too.
??They're relatively Low Cost
C?m??r?d t? th? h??v? ?nd d???r?t?v? w??d?n fr?m?? ?nd th? ???t ?f aluminium, th? ?r??? f?r uPVC fr?m?? ?nd d??r? ?? very low. Th?? ?? ?l??r t? ??? fr?m ?dv?rt? ?n th? TV ?nd r?d?? th?t th? ???t ?f th??? fr?m?? ?nd d??r? ?r? h?l??d w?th ?ll th? ??????l ?ff?r? ?u?h ?? fr?? f?tt?ng ?nd bu??ng ?n? h?lf ?f th? w?nd?w? ?nd d??r? ?nd g?tt?ng th? ????nd h?lf free. If ??u ?h??k w?th a numb?r ?f l???l f?tt?r? ?nd gl?z??r? you'll qu??kl? f?nd ??????l d??l? ?nd ?ff?r? t?m?t?ng ??u t? buy. Th?r? ?r? m?n? ?ff?r? ?v??l?bl? ?n w?nd?w? ?nd d??r? ?? w?ll ?? d??l? ?n bi fold doors, aluminium doors, timber doors, uPVC conservatories and timber windows ?n?lud?ng mock-wood ?ff??t fr?m?? t? ??m?l?m?nt ??ur home's character.

36 Goldcroft,
, ,
Telsco Security Systems
Your local experts since 1970

Our journey began in 1970 with a mission to provide the best quality Security Systems for Home & Business. Nearly 50 years later, as Edmonton's largest full service security provider, our commitment to quality remains at the core of our business. At Telsco, we recognize that the security needs of every home and business owner are unique. Whether the solution you require is small, large or somewhere in the middle, our security consultants will assist you in designing a customized security system that best complements your home or business. With a broad base of specialization, we approach each opportunity with the ability to incorporate a wide variety of systems to ensure the delivery of a relevant and effective solution.

(780) 424-6971
12750-127 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 1A5, Canada
(780) 426-4282
Appliance Repair Chestermere
Professional Service

Appliance Repair Chestermere is a name you can trust for professional appliance repair. We have highly skilled technicians trained to work on a wide range of brands and problems. Whether it’s a simple or a more complex problem, trust us to assess it accurately and provide the right solution.

11- 200 52nd st ne unit 90023, Chestermere AB T2A 7Y8
Appliance Repair Airdrie
Professional Service

Appliance Repair Airdrie offers dependable home appliance service. Our team is committed to help homeowners get the service they need for their kitchen and laundry appliance. You can count on us to be prompt, friendly and professional. We only quote the necessary part and service and nothing more.

500 Country Hills Blvd NE unit 38021, Airdrie, AB T3K5G9
Appliance Repair Airdrie
Calgary Appliance Repair
Professional Service

Here at Calgary Appliance Repair, appliance repairs are fast and reliable. We take your call with urgency, making sure that your appliance will be fixed in the most efficient manner. Our team is comprised of highly trained technicians equipped to diagnose accurately and fix your problems effectively.

315 16 Ave NW unit 52121Calgary, AB T2E 8K9
Calgary Appliance Repair
FC Appliance Repair Calgary
Professional Service

FC Appliance Repair Calgary offers reliable home appliance repair. As your local service provider, we can respond to you quickly. We service all brands of kitchen and laundry appliances, so you can be sure that you have someone to call in case your washing machine, dryer or stove malfunctions.

2050, 11300 Tuscany blvd NW unit 27122 Calgary, AB T3L 2Y1
FC Appliance Repair Calgary
TR Quidditch
Triple Ring Quidditch, we are is working hard to create Premium Quidditch-specific apparel accessible to teams and players. Contact with and buy high-quality apparel.

TR Quidditch provides fully customizable short sleeves jerseys. These jerseys are the most breathable, quickest drying, and comfortable in the market. We made it with flat-lock stitching for extreme durability. Quidditch Jerseys available in all size. In advance we customize it with any artwork, any design and any writing in any language can be put onto these jerseys includes name and number.

(778 )868-3800
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Quidditch Jerseys
Hydrogel Agriculture
Hydrogel in Agriculture is a potassium based super absorbent polymer acting in drought prone areas and rain-fed agriculture as a water retaining agent.

Hydrogel Polymer under the name Alsta Hydrogel is a water retaining agent with the capacity of holding up to 400 – 600 times water than its own weight. Hydrogel agriculture or the use of super absorbent polymer for agriculture refers to hydrogel polymer application in soils for the purpose of stably providing water to the plants irrespective of drought and dry seasons. The plants can absorb water from this nontoxic water absorbent polymer throughout. Hydrogel in Agriculture is a potassium based super absorbent polymer acting in drought prone areas and rain-fed agriculture as a water retaining agent.

Haute Street Corporate Park, 86A Topsia Road (S), Kolkata-700046
Fit Shop Pro
Fit Shop Pro is Canada based largest supplier of sports goods, sports accessories & best fitness equipment online at great discount prices.

Fit Shop Pro specializes in the sale of affordable home exercise equipment and fitness gears. We are the perfect solution, for you to lose weight and to get fit, without spending a lot of money on exercise equipment.

191 Sherbourne St, Suite 1519

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